Fyresdal Village Museum

Fyresdal village museum is situated in Øyskogen (the island forest), which is an attractive park area in the centre of Fyresdal with many large protected pine trees, and a birch grove. In this area there are also a number of burial mounds which date back to heathen times and this site is estimated to be the richest in all of Telemark. Specific info boards in the park offer more information on these burial mounds.

The museum has buildings and artifacts dating from the middle ages and aims to bring to life the colourful history of Fyresdal in a dynamic and relevant way. The old buildings are open every day except Sundays and between 1.00 and 2.00pm there are staff available for guiding etc. Otherwise guiding can be organized from the tourist information office or West Telemark Museum.

In the summer season the old bakery is open every Saturday and in Øyskogen there are treasure hunts for children. The Fyresdal village museum was established in 1909, celebrated its 100 year anniversary in 2009 and as such is one of Norway’s oldest village museums...


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