Kviteseid Museum of local history

What did a prosperous farm in West Telemark look like about 200 years ago? At the Kviteseid Museum of local history you will find the answer. In this same area you will find the sculpture exhibition from the artist Gunnar Utsond and the beautiful old church in Kviteseid. Activities for adults and children are available here. 

Utsond hall
Shortly before his death the artist Gunnar Utsond donated his sculptures to the municipality of Kviteseid. Today you can see these sculptures in the “Utsond hall at the Kviteseid Museum of local history.
Have a digital journey around the Kviteseid Museum of local history
On the map you can click yourself into each of the buildings at the museum. Here you can find information and details about all the houses. Check it out and see what it looks like at the Kviteseid Museum of local history.
Summer at
The season starts on the 12th of June and finishes on the 15th August.
Opening times are from 11.00am until 5.00pm every day.

Western Telemark in pictures and on film
See what Western Telemark looks like from a helicopter, or take a virtual trip along the Telemark Canal with the canal boat MS Henrik Ibsen.

The whetstone quarry
Would you like to see the whetstone quarry or learn more about the history of the whetstone? In the summer the tourist trail is open with information boards and rest areas.

The movie about Sondre Norheim
In the movie “Frikaren på ski” you can see how Sondre revolutionized skiing and gave rise to modern ski sport. Words like Slalom, Telemark-landing and Telemark-turn have their origins in Morgedal and Telemark. The new skis you buy today are still built on Sondre`s principles.

See Tveitenstoga on the move
What is 10 m long, weighs 90 tonnes and is out on a sleigh ride? NRK has made a report on the moving of ‘Tveitenstoga’ to Vest-Telemark Museum, Eidsborg
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