Vinje Gallery

The valley of ’Smørklepp’ in Vinje has made a lasting impression on the artist Henrik Sørensen. Right in the middle of this natural wilderness you can visit this unique and impressive gallery built with local rock and view a large collection of paintings by Sørensen.  

Harald Kihle is another artist who is displayed in the gallery. Sørensen and Kihle both worked and lived in the valley of Smørklepp.

The Artist Harald Kihle
Harald Kihle is an artist who has meant a lot to us here in upper Telemark. His portrayals of village life and the moody and mountainous Telemark landscape have been appreciated by many in this region.
The Artist Henrik Sørensen (1882 - 1962)
Henrik Sørensen was an artist with a range of expression forms; from warm female portraits, religious portrayals to dramatic impressionistic war scenes. However he is known best for his evocative landscapes from Telemark. Sørensen studied under Matisse between 1908 until 1910.

Western Telemark in pictures and on film
See what Western Telemark looks like from a helicopter, or take a virtual trip along the Telemark Canal with the canal boat MS Henrik Ibsen.

The whetstone quarry
Would you like to see the whetstone quarry or learn more about the history of the whetstone? In the summer the tourist trail is open with information boards and rest areas.

The movie about Sondre Norheim
In the movie “Frikaren på ski” you can see how Sondre revolutionized skiing and gave rise to modern ski sport. Words like Slalom, Telemark-landing and Telemark-turn have their origins in Morgedal and Telemark. The new skis you buy today are still built on Sondre`s principles.

See Tveitenstoga on the move
What is 10 m long, weighs 90 tonnes and is out on a sleigh ride? NRK has made a report on the moving of ‘Tveitenstoga’ to Vest-Telemark Museum, Eidsborg
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