West Telemark Museum Eidsborg

West Telemark Museum - Eidsborg
The museum with its two primordial “Vindlaus-farms” is situated next to the Eidsborg Stave Church. Here you will find a cafeteria in one of the old historical buildings, activities and offers for children, plus information on the history of West Telemark from the last 1000 years. Learn about the lifestyles and habits of god-fearing folk and the influence of the church in the 13th century or about rural life in the beginning of the 19th century.

The complex at Eidsborg consists of more than 30 houses and buildings. Additional to the Eidsborg Stave Church you will find the “Stålekleivloftet”, Norway’s oldest pagan wooden building. The timber used in the construction of this building was milled in the winter of 1167. On site here there are comprehensive exhibitions with an arts and crafts focus with rose-painting, knife collections, drinking vessels, traditional costumes, silversmith works and much more.

The history of the hydropower station in Tokke has its own exhibition including the special story about the unique Eidsborg whetstones which since the times of the Vikings have been exported to European countries.
Guiding in the Eidsborg Stave Church from the 13th century
Take a guided journey through 800 years of history… Hear about the Stave Church and the changes in beliefs and conventions over this period.
Learn about the legend of the Holy St. Nicholas.
Guiding in the unique “Juvestoga” from 1799
Visit “Juvestoga” and take a seat on a “kubbestol” or on the seat of honour of the “King of Juve”. Get entertained by the stories about the life and the customs in “Juvestoga” in the 19th century.
Blockhouse construction kit for children and adults
Visit the West Telemark Museum together with your children and let them build their own blockhouse. In no time the children will manage to build a house with a number of rooms and several floors. The timbers are of varying lengths up to 150 cm long and can be used to construct openings for windows and doors.
See if you can manage to recreate one of the museums’ houses…
Vindlausloftet or Stålekleivloftet
The stock and storehouse at “Uppistog Vindlaus” does not look the same as other stock and storehouses. This is a building with a long and extraordinary history. Clues from the way it is constructed (a special log laying style which wasn’t seen after the plague in 1349) plus runes on the eves give historians clues about its building date.
Take a digital journey around Eidsborg
On the map you can click yourself into each of the buildings at the Eidsborg Museum. Here you can find information on each house and you have the possibility to view details about the runes on the loft, various symbols and the “cadaver-hatch”, learn about special objects on display and much more.
St. Nicholas
When Eidsborg Stave Church was built in the 13th century it was dedicated to the Holy St. Nicholas. A statue of the holy man had probably been created round about the year 1300 and placed in the church.
St. Nicholas played a central role in a special cult which developed during this period
The Skafså-Crucifix
Around the year 1200 the church in Skafså received a new crucifix. There it remained for about 600 years before it was brought into the new church in 1839. The art historian, Martin Blindheim visited the church in 1977 and detected “an extraordinary work, which is in catastrophic condition”. Something had to be done.

Western Telemark in pictures and on film
See what Western Telemark looks like from a helicopter, or take a virtual trip along the Telemark Canal with the canal boat MS Henrik Ibsen.

The whetstone quarry
Would you like to see the whetstone quarry or learn more about the history of the whetstone? In the summer the tourist trail is open with information boards and rest areas.

The movie about Sondre Norheim
In the movie “Frikaren på ski” you can see how Sondre revolutionized skiing and gave rise to modern ski sport. Words like Slalom, Telemark-landing and Telemark-turn have their origins in Morgedal and Telemark. The new skis you buy today are still built on Sondre`s principles.

See Tveitenstoga on the move
What is 10 m long, weighs 90 tonnes and is out on a sleigh ride? NRK has made a report on the moving of ‘Tveitenstoga’ to Vest-Telemark Museum, Eidsborg
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