West Telemark Museum Eidsborg

West Telemark Museum - Eidsborg
The museum with its two primordial “Vindlaus-farms” is situated next to the Eidsborg Stave Church. Here you will find a cafeteria in one of the old historical buildings, activities and offers for children, plus information on the history of West Telemark from the last 1000 years. Learn about the lifestyles and habits of god-fearing folk and the influence of the church in the 13th century or about rural life in the beginning of the 19th century.

The complex at Eidsborg consists of more than 30 houses and buildings. Additional to the Eidsborg Stave Church you will find the “Stålekleivloftet”, Norway’s oldest pagan wooden building. The timber used in the construction of this building was milled in the winter of 1167. On site here there are comprehensive exhibitions with an arts and crafts focus with rose-painting, knife collections, drinking vessels, traditional costumes, silversmith works and much more.

The history of the hydropower station in Tokke has its own exhibition including the special story about the unique Eidsborg whetstones which since the times of the Vikings have been exported to European countries.

Western Telemark in pictures and on film
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