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Morgedal in Telemark and Minot in North Dakota are located in different parts of the world. They have different languages, and big differences in geography and climate. Even so, these two places share a common history.
Many families left Telemark at the end of the 1800’s. Their destination was America, "The promised land." Why did they settle in North Dakota?
The distance between Telemark and North Dakota is the same today as it was when Sondre Norheim made the journey. But today, a plane trip takes only about 10 hours, and you can send an SMS, or text message, in just a few seconds. You can also be friends on Facebook and message someone who is far away.
What are the differences between living in Telemark and living in North Dakota today?

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Common history-common heritage
Morgedal, Telemark and Minot, North Dakota have both housed the father of modern ski-sport, Sondre Norheim. With this, both places hold a responsibility for protecting the heritage and passing that history along to new generations; Morgedal as the birthplace, and Minot (Denbigh, McHenry County) as the place where the skiing legend lived out his years and lies buried.
Emigration and immigration
Over 30% of North Dakota’s population is of Norwegian descent.
Read more about why so many Norwegians moved from Norway to USA.
Learn about Norway and Telemark
Norway lies in Europe. It lies far to the North, but because of warm ocean currents and winds, the country has a godt and varied climate. In the wintertime, snow often covers the whole country, but in the summertime, you can swim in the sea.
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