Vinjestoga is the childhood home of the poet, journalist and linguist Aasmund Olavsson Vinje. Here you can listen to stories about life in the home, about how Vinje became one of Norway’s foremost poets, and about the journalist Vinje.
The house lies along European route E 134 along Vinjesletta in Vinje municipality. It is a typical peasant’s cabin from the 1800’s. Here, Aasmund grew up.

Western Telemark in pictures and on film
See what Western Telemark looks like from a helicopter, or take a virtual trip along the Telemark Canal with the canal boat MS Henrik Ibsen.

The whetstone quarry
Would you like to see the whetstone quarry or learn more about the history of the whetstone? In the summer the tourist trail is open with information boards and rest areas.
Logg inn