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West-Telemark Museum
Eidsborg, 3880 Dalen
Phone: +4735069090 


Norwegian Ski Museum
3848 Morgedal
Phone +4735069080
E-mail: nse



Dag Rorgemoen
Phone  +4797086084

Responsibility for finance and administration
Britt Eide Lio
Phone: +4790762009

Public and educational programs coordinator
Tilman Hartenstein
Tlf +4791136604

Head of Norwegian Ski Museum
Tarjei Gjelstad
Phone:  +4795241315

Chef of West-Telemark Museum/Norsk Skieventyr
Tone Gjerjordet
Phone: +4735069080 / +4748028949

Museum employee Norwegian Ski Museum 
Gunn Evensen
Phone: +4735069080

Responsibility for maintenance
Karl Endre Bjerk

Trond Arild Pedersen
Phone:  +4799094057

Gøran Moen 
Phone: +4735069090

Responsibility for magazine and archive (be on leave 01.02.-31.12.2015)
Benedikte Nes
Phone +4735069090 / +4793439712

Magazine staff (responsibility for magazine 01.02.-31.12.2015)
Mai Britt Lundevall 
Phone: +4735069090

Magazine staff
Halvor Nordal 
Phone: +4735069090 / +4790157069


Chef of WTM-Eidsborg
Finn Erik Løberg
Phone +4735069090

Project archive
Per Ormestøyl
Phone + 4735069090 


Utskriftsversjon Utskriftsversjon


Western Telemark in pictures and on film
See what Western Telemark looks like from a helicopter, or take a virtual trip along the Telemark Canal with the canal boat MS Henrik Ibsen.

The whetstone quarry
Would you like to see the whetstone quarry or learn more about the history of the whetstone? In the summer the tourist trail is open with information boards and rest areas.
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